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Surprise: Terry Richardson Might Be Pretty Skeevy



    Last week, model Rie Rasmussen told The New York Post that fashion photographer Terry Richardson had exploited young girls by allegedly convincing them to do nude photo shoots that Rasmussen claims they'd regret later. Now, another former Richardson subject, Jamie Peck, claims that her shoot with Richardson when she was 19 was so dirty that the photographer left her "feeling like I needed to take two showers."

    Peck wrote a detailed account of a certain scandalous shoot with Richardson for The Gloss, wherein Peck accuses the photographer of shooting her naked, asking her to call him "Uncle Terry," and requesting sex acts (among other things). Now, this is all just one model's side of the story, but two girls coming out with accusations in a week certainly doesn't look good.

    But then, who can say they'd be surprised to find out that a fashion photographer known for shooting young, half-naked girls may or may not have a pervy streak? Terry Richardson, like Dov Charney of American Apparel, has really made a career of off a certain kind of aesthetic -- very young-looking, half-naked gals -- and is most often found hanging out with fashion notables and celebrities giving the camera a thumbs-up sign. The man shot the Pirelli calendar this year, for heaven't sake! We can't say we were ever expecting that he would be a pillar of moral fortitude.