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Coming this Summer: Mad Men Barbies



    Barbie is slowly becoming the it-collaboration among the fashion community -- Louboutin's made several, the CFDA collaborated on a slew, and now, Mad Men's Roger Sterling, Joan Holloway and Don and Betty Draper are being made into dolls.

    The collectible Mad Men Barbies will hit shelves this summer for $75 a pop, just in time for the latest season premiere.  Oddly enough, Joan's famous curves seem to have been toned down on her mini-me, but both she and Betty come decked in vixen shift dresses and prim pumps.  Sterling and Draper look a little creepy when shrunken into Ken dolls, but are sharp nonetheless in their slim suits, with hands that look curiously shaped to hold cocktails. 

    No word on the ladies' wardrobes but, given the nature of the show, we're assuming little girls won't be playing mix-and-match dress-up with these Barbies.