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Rag & Bone Copes With Its Chronic Graffiti Issue By...Hosting a Graffiti Contest




    Having been a continuous target for rogue taggers since it moved into the former Cafe Colonial space in July, rag & bone is responding to the attacks with a graffiti mural contest

    No doubt a cheeky measure, the brand is employing the old "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" tactic, by headlining their contest with the tagline, "We're tired of bad graffiti." The Facebook-based houston/PROJECT contest invites aspiring artists and taggers to submit their own designs for the 10'x15' wall on the Elizabeth Street side of the corner store, which will then be posted to the rag & bone Facebook page and voted on by fans through October 31.

    The winner will then get some pretty prime real esate for their work and exposure for their name, plus $1,000 to spend at rag & bone. Curiously enough, who's to say that will stop future vandalism?