Cuomo to Meet With President Trump Tuesday at White House

Cuomo's staff confirms the governor is scheduled to meet with President Trump at the White House on Tuesday

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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo will be in Washington D.C. on Tuesday to meet with President Trump, both parties confirmed Monday.

President Trump announced the meeting near the start of his remarks at the daily White House Coronavirus Task Force briefing. Gov. Cuomo's staff confirmed the trip shortly after.

The president said "good things" are happening in New York.

"I think the governor is going to see us tomorrow, he's coming to the oval office tomorrow afternoon. Andrew will be coming in with some of his people. We look forward to that," Trump said.

The president did not elaborate on the talking points of the meeting.

The governor and president have exchanged several words publicly since the coronavirus crisis, neither holding back criticism. But at moments, each has shared praise for the others' work and leadership.

Last week, Cuomo offered an olive branch, saying in a Howard Stern Show interview that Trump had delivered for New York on all the state's requests.

But after Trump said that as president his "authority is total" over state reopenings, Cuomo went on a media tour, blasting Trump's comments as "offensive" and "frankly ignorant" and saying that America had a president, not a king.

Cuomo and Trump have gone back and forth in recent days, disagreeing about each other's authority to reopen states and their roles in expanding coronavirus testing efforts.

New York accounts for roughly one-third of all coronavirus cases in the United States. While Cuomo said Friday that trends are improving across the board, hundreds of people are still dying in the state every day.

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