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Teen Vogue Makes Bedding



    Teen Vogue has signed a licensing deal to make bedding and room decor, proving the glossies really are undertaking all manner of new enterprises to create profits.  Granted, it's no 3D-alternate-reality-webcam operation a la InStyle, but it certainly is creative.

    Conde Nast's youngster fashion mag will have their line of home goods in time for the holidays, the latest in a series of alternative revenue stream operations by the title.  In recent months TV has also created an iPhone app and pop-up shop, as well as the book, "Teen Vogue Handbook: An Insider's Guide to Careers in Fashion."

    As of yet, we've got no details on what the decor will look like or what, exactly, the collection will include, but we're hoping it's the type of teenager fare we can poach for our own.