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Christian Louboutin Draws and Dances in New Short Film



    Christian Louboutin went back to filmmaking with the Fashionair online short film, Dancer in a Daydream, which captures the designer in some seriously playful moments -- drawing, dancing, and more.

    Essentially, the film is five minutes of bedazzled jazz shoes and little Louboutin dancing like Fred Astaire with two showgirls (also in bedazzled, red-soled Loubs of course).  We get pans of the spectacular Paris atelier and a cityscape montage spanning London, Paris and New York while Louboutin sketches madly to jazz tunes that transport him to a stage from a bygone era.

    Perhaps the most entertaining part was the practice clip at the end, depicting a charming Louboutin fancy-footing onstage with a team of dancers. After his whole godfather-to-Barbie stint, we could have predicted there would be more goofy-charming antics to come from Mr. Louboutin, and this certainly won't disappoint any of his devoted legions.