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New Brooklyn Dem Leader Promises Change

Frank Seddio takes over the powerful leadership post after embattled Assemblyman Vito Lopez quit over sexual harassment allegations



    (Published Thursday, Sept. 20, 2012)

    Frank Seddio vowed to put Brooklyn's scandalous political reputation in the past as he took over the Kings County Democratic party leadership post from state Assemblyman Vito Lopez.

    In a meeting of the Brooklyn Democrats in Manhattan Beach Wednesday, Seddio vowed, "It's not going to be a dictator. It's gonna be a partnership, a cooperation that's going to make a change in Brooklyn for the better." 

    The embattled Lopez gave up the powerful leadership job after allegations he sexually harassed several women who worked for him. 

    Lopez was also accused of running the party behind closed doors and handing out key jobs -- like judgeships -- to friends.

    Hundreds showed up for the changing of the guard Wednesday, eager for a clean slate.

    "Perception is one thing. Reality is another," said Marilyn Mosley of Brooklyn. "With Frank Seddio, we're going to make a big splash in Brooklyn in the right direction."

    But many remain skeptical. Some protesters appeared, wearing buttons that said, "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss." 

    "I think Frank is a nicer person than Assemblyman Lopez, but I do not think he will be any different than Assemblyman Lopez as far as district leaders and the way judges are chosen in Brooklyn."

    Seddio himself has been investigated for how he spent campaign contributions, but he asked skeptics for a chance to prove himself.

    "Six months from now, I'd love to see you all once again," he said. "And you'll [be able to] say, 'He did a great job' or 'He's another bum.'"