• Elon Musk Oct 24, 2019

    Tesla's Stock Soars After Company Posts Surprising 3Q Profit

    Tesla posted a surprising profit of $143 million in its latest quarter, raising hopes the electric car pioneer may finally be turning the corner after posting mostly losses during its first decade as a publicly held company.

  • Netflix Sep 11, 2019

    Apple Unveils a Cheaper iPhone and Pricing for Streaming TV

    Apple unveiled new iPhones that are largely unchanged from previous models and accompanied by an unexpected price cut for the cheapest model, underscoring the company’s efforts to counteract a sales slump of its flagship product. The company’s new models are so similar to last year’s lineup they may be upstaged by Apple TV Plus, the company’s upcoming video service, which...

  • China May 13, 2019

    Uber IPO: Ride-Hailing Company Has Rocky Debut on Wall Street

    Highly anticipated Uber IPO closed at 41.42 after opening at $42 per share Friday, nearly 7% below its initial public offering price on an already volatile day for the markets. Despite his company’s rocky stock market debut, Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi says he’s thrilled to complete his company’s IPO.

  • China May 11, 2019

    Uber, Lyft Losses Keep Competitors at Bay

    A fare war between Uber and Lyft has led to billions of dollars in losses for both ride-hailing companies as they fight for passengers and drivers. But in one way it has been good for investors who snatched up the newly public companies’ stock: The losses have scared off the competition, giving the leaders a duopoly in almost every American...

  • driver Mar 29, 2019

    Investors Hail Lyft Shares in IPO, See Profits Down the Road

    Lyft’s shares soared as the company went public Friday, giving investors their first chance to bet on the future of the ride-hailing industry. The stock opened at $87.24, up 21 percent from its offering price of $72. It closed at $78.29, up 8.7 percent, giving the company a $27 billion valuation.

  • CEO Jan 30, 2019

    Apple Opens New Chapter as iPhone Sales Fall and Stock Sinks

    Apple hoped to offset slowing demand for iPhones by raising the prices of its most important product, but that strategy seems to have backfired after sales sagged during the holiday shopping season. Results released Tuesday revealed the magnitude of the iPhone slump — a 15 percent drop in revenue from the previous year. That decline in Apple’s most profitable product...

  • Facebook Dec 19, 2018

    Consumer Groups Allege Google Misleads Kids in FTC Complaint

    Nearly two dozen consumer, privacy and public health groups are urging U.S. regulators to investigate whether children are being endangered by deceptive apps in Google’s app store for smartphones running on its Android software. The 102-page complaint filed Wednesday with the Federal Trade Commission alleges Google’s Play store is harming kids by allowing apps that break privacy laws, contain adult...

  • director Nov 2, 2018

    Google Employees Walk Out to Protest Treatment of Women

    Carrying signs with messages such as “Don’t be evil,” several hundred Google employees around the world briefly walked off the job Thursday in a protest against what they said is the tech company’s mishandling of sexual misconduct allegations against executives.

  • Donald Trump Oct 18, 2018

    Facebook's Election ‘War Room' Takes Aim at Fake Information

    In an otherwise innocuous part of Facebook’s expansive Silicon Valley campus, a locked door bears a taped-on sign that reads “War Room.” Behind the door lies a nerve center the social network has set up to combat fake accounts and bogus news stories ahead of upcoming elections. Inside the room are dozens of employees staring intently at their monitors while...

  • California Sep 13, 2018

    Got $1,100? Apple Shows Off Its Most Expensive iPhone Yet

    Apple unveiled three new iPhones on Wednesday, including its biggest and most expensive model yet, as the company seeks to widen the product’s appeal amid slowing sales.

  • California Sep 12, 2018

    Bigger, Pricier iPhone Expected at Apple Event Wednesday

    Apple is expected to showcase three new iPhones on Wednesday, including its biggest and most expensive model yet, as the company seeks to widen the product’s appeal amid slowing sales growth.

  • Donald Trump Sep 7, 2018

    As Google Turns 20, Questions Over Whether It's Too Powerful

    Twenty years after Larry Page and Sergey Brin set out to organize all of the internet’s information, the search engine they named Google has morphed into a dominating force in smartphones, online video, email, maps and much more. That resounding success now has regulators and lawmakers around the world questioning whether the company has become too powerful as its ubiquitous...

  • driver Aug 28, 2018

    Uber Heads in New Direction With Toyota on Self-Driving Cars

    Uber is teaming up with Toyota to build self-driving cars for its ride-hailing service after its efforts to do it alone were derailed by a fatal collision and allegations of high-tech theft. Toyota, based in Japan, is also investing $500 million in Uber as part of the alliance announced Monday.

  • lawyer Aug 9, 2018

    Tesla CEO's Buyout Bid Raises Eyebrows, Legal Concerns

    Tesla CEO Elon Musk is seeking relief from the pressures of running a publicly held company with a $72 billion buyout of the electric car maker, but he may be acquiring new headaches with his peculiar handling of the proposed deal. Almost everything about the deal is outlandish, from Musk’s out-of-the-blue disclosure in a nine-word tweet to the assertion that...

  • Facebook Jun 5, 2018

    New iOS 12 Features Include Ways to Help Curb iPhone Use

    Apple will offer more ways for people to limit the time they spend on iPhones while introducing features designed to make its products even more indispensable. The paradox emerged Monday as Apple executives previewed new versions of free software due out this fall. The forthcoming controls are aimed at addressing criticism that devices are becoming increasingly addictive and distracting, especially...

  • Governor May 24, 2018

    Feds: Uber Self-Driving SUV Saw Pedestrian; Did Not Brake

    The autonomous Uber SUV that struck and killed an Arizona pedestrian in March spotted the woman about six seconds before hitting her, but did not stop because the system used to automatically apply brakes in potentially dangerous situations had been disabled, according to federal investigators.

  • Governor May 24, 2018

    Uber Ends Self-Driving Program in Arizona After Fatal Crash

    Uber is pulling its self-driving cars out of Arizona, a reversal triggered by the recent death of woman who was run over by one of the ride-hailing service’s robotic vehicles while crossing a darkened street in a Phoenix suburb.

  • Donald Trump May 16, 2018

    Facebook: We're Better at Policing Nudity Than Hate Speech

    Getting rid of racist, sexist and other hateful remarks on Facebook is more challenging than weeding out other types of unacceptable posts because computer programs still stumble over the nuances of human language, the company revealed Tuesday. Facebook also released statistics that quantified how pervasive fake accounts have become on its influential service, despite a long-standing policy requiring people to...

  • driver May 15, 2018

    Uber Changes Policy for Sexual Misconduct Allegations

    Uber’s ride-hailing service will give its U.S. passengers and drivers more leeway to pursue claims of sexual misconduct, its latest attempt to shed its reputation for brushing aside bad behavior. The shift announced Tuesday will allow riders and drivers to file allegations of rape, sexual assault and harassment in courts and mediation, rather than being locked into an arbitration hearing....

  • Michael Liedtke Mar 21, 2018

    Melania Trump Vows to Continue Cyberbullying Fight Despite Skepticism

    Pushing back against her critics, first lady Melania Trump said she’s committed to fighting cyberbullying despite skepticism. Her husband, President Donald Trump, routinely uses Twitter as an outlet for berating public figures he dislikes.

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