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You Spoke and the MTA Listened

Seems the MTA is reconsidering plan to slash bus routes



    You Spoke and the MTA Listened
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    Just walk -- it'd be faster.

    Your favorite bus line may be resurrected from the chopping block.

    The MTA is working to save several lines according to an agency spokesperson. This comes after more than 2,500 people showed up at 9 public hearings over the last week.

    Commuters railed against a plan to eliminate or reduce dozens of bus lines in a cost cutting move to offset a nearly $800 million budget shortfall.

    The spokesperson did not have a list of lines that could be saved, but did say they would be made public before the MTA board meeting on March 24th.

    Both the New York Postand Daily News report  that the MTA is only talking about a "small number" of bus lines, but for those commuters it could mean the difference between walking a few blocks and a mile in order to go to work.