Rachel Comey Goes Fresh and Modern for Fall 2012

The designer showed a crisp collection of modern, tailored silhouettes with a '50s and '60s-inspired spin.

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The finale at Rachel Comey's Fall 2012 runway show.
Indie favorite Rachel Comey took a decidedly grown-up, modern approach to fall dressing with her latest collection, where the initial series of looks were a study in textured black and white.
Backstage after the show, Comey told us she was "trying to find a way to make it feel fresh and lucid and optimistic and bright, despite it being fall and heavy." (Also: Note the wildly original black-tipped knee-high tights!)
The designer experimented with new textures for the fall collection, from wax-covered fabrics to some of the real highlights: laser-cut cotton separates.
Certain elements of the collection -- from knee-length skirts to belted sweaters and bright white shoes -- had the sophisticated hallmarks of the '50s and '60s.
As it turns out, Comey revealed, the retro orange funnel-neck coat featured in the collection is made from the exact same fabric as the one Audrey Hepburn wore in "Breakfast at Tiffany's." "The mill in Italy re-issued that exact fabric, so it's that exact orange," said Comey.
Comey paired a '50s-looking swing dress with a trim leather jacket.
A textured mix of a knit sweater and a smooth leather skirt.
Silvery sleeves peek out beneath a chunky gray sweater.
While Comey is typically known for her original prints and wonderfully quirky styling, the fall collection offered a slew of strikingly simple, modern dresses. Parker Posey, seated in the front row, told us she was a fan of more dramatic, spaghetti strap styles.
A minimal-looking swing dress paired with crisp white shoes. "I just felt excited about all the white and bone and light gray shoes for winter. It felt fresh and daring and light."
Some of Comey's original prints made a few appearances, as on this fitted shift dress.
A single, ultra-bright dress was a playful addition to the collection. As Comey put it, "You got to still have some fun."
The same print appeared on a pencil skirt elsewhere in the collection.
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