Lookbook Series: Suzanne Rae Spring 2011

Suzanne Rae's high-fashion, down-home easy spring pieces float through Sandy Hook and across the pages of Tracy Morford's spectacular lookbook photographs.

8 photos
Tracy Morford for Suzanne Rae
We're looking forward to Suzanne Rae's spring season of high-fashion, down-home easy pieces, shot spectacularly by Tracy Morford. The pair uncovered some of Sandy Hook's grittier locales, setting a billowy pink dress, with its puff of feathery silk at the hem, against an overgrown concrete fortress.
Tracy Morford for Suzanne Rae
The panoramic sunshine is no match for the collection's kingpin gown, a tango-ready maxi in saturated raspberry.
Tracy Morford for Suzanne Rae
Disjointed doll bodies on the beach are clad in easy, breezy summer separates in diaphanous white cotton and crisp prints.
Tracy Morford for Suzanne Rae
Suzanne Rae has a way with shape, as shown by a cropped palazzo pant and draping denim in a way that really moves.
Tracy Morford for Suzanne Rae
A slice of lower back creates an unexpected sensual mood, and the desert-y print is perfectly paired with a sandy backdrop.
Suzanne Rae
The beachy setting is a great foil for the retro, trendy-yet-timeless collection, like this high-waist carrot pants-and-cropped lace top ensemble.
A creamy, ladylike circle skirt and a cerulean slip of a sweater telegraph coastal chic, especially paired with a crisp rope belt.
Suzanne Rae
There's something equally sweet and sophisticated about the anti-sundress mustard velvet trouser-shorts. Neat as a pin and just a bit luxurious.
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