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Rumors: Victoria Beckham Moving to New York for Fashion Career




    A UK tabloid is reporting that the Beckham clan is moving east in order to accommodate the starlet's growing fashion empire, according to Hollyscoop.

    On the heels of the spectacular success of her newly-launched handbag collection -- the pieces, some with five-digit prices, flew from Net-a-Porter's virtual racks in less than an hour -- unnamed sources allegedly told England's Now magazine that Beckham doesn't think LA is the right fit for her burgeoning fashion career. According to the blog Hollyscoop, Beckham allegedly told a friend: “My work is so important to me and LA just isn’t a real fashion city."

    While the rumors are entirely unconfirmed, New York would seem to be a more convenient home base between California and London. In addition, Mrs. Beckham has been showing her collections in New York for the past couple of seasons, so it makes sense that she would be eager to create home base in the city, and preparations for the upcoming Fall 2011 fashion week in New York in February might be providing the spark for such a move.