• Immigration October 25, 2021 1:49 am

    2,000 Migrants Continue Walk Through Southern Mexico

    A group of about 2,000 mainly Central American migrants have continued their mass exodus from the southern Mexico city of Tapachula, reaching a town about 16 miles (26 kms) away.

  • Governor September 26, 2019 12:18 am

    Mexico Searching Another Dump in Case of 43 Missing Students

    A member of an international team supporting the search for 43 missing students in southern Mexico said Wednesday that new information has led Mexican authorities to begin working at another garbage dump. The dump outside the town of Iguala, Guerrero “is in the epicenter of the action,” said former Colombian prosecutor Ángela Buitrago of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights...

  • Governor August 30, 2019 1:11 am

    Families Begin Burying the 28 Victims of Mexico Bar Fire

    Anger remained high Thursday as relatives began the slow, tearful task of mourning and burying the 28 people who died horrendously when gang members set a bar on fire after blocking its exits. The families complained that criminals are out of control and making life impossible in this southern Mexico oil town. At least seven of the victims were buried...

  • Governor August 28, 2019 6:49 pm

    At Least 26 Dead in Mexico Bar Fire

    The governor of Veracruz suggested the attack on the bar Tuesday night may be gang-related.

  • Donald Trump June 15, 2019 5:43 am

    Mexico Migration Chief Resigns, Prisons Director Tapped

    Mexico’s immigration chief resigned Friday and the country’s prisons director was swiftly nominated to replace him, as the country embarks on a crackdown on irregular migration through its territory in response to U.S. pressure. The National Immigration Institute said in a brief statement that Tonatiuh Guillén thanked President Andrés Manuel López Obrador for the opportunity to serve the country, but...

  • president April 27, 2019 1:27 am

    Hours After Mass Escape, Migrants Chant for Food, Freedom

    About 600 mostly Cuban migrants who were part of a mass escape from a southern Mexico immigration detention center a day earlier remained at large Friday evening, immigration authorities said. Mexico’s National Immigration Institute said in a statement that rather than the 1,300 escapees it reported Thursday night, only 645 migrants had actually fled. It said only 35 of those...

  • Mexico April 24, 2019 2:34 pm

    Mexico Conducts Largest Raid on Migrant Caravan Members

    Central American migrants traveling through southern Mexico toward the U.S. on Tuesday fearfully recalled their frantic escape from police the previous day, scuttling under barbed wire fences into pastures and then spending the night in the woods after hundreds were detained in a raid. In the Chiapas state town of Tonala, migrants flocked to one of the few places they...

  • Mexico April 22, 2019 7:00 pm

    Quake Sways Buildings in Mexico City; Some Evacuations

    A magnitude 5.4 earthquake in southern Mexico caused tall buildings to sway in the Mexican capital Monday, prompting hundreds of office workers to briefly evacuate along a central avenue.

  • New York April 6, 2019 7:35 pm

    Visiones: Frida Kahlo Exhibit

    Catherine Morris, senior curator at the Elizabeth Sackler Center, and Lisa Small, senior curator at the Brooklyn Museum, talk to Lynda Baquero about a new exhibit on Frida Kahlo.

  • Associated Press February 1, 2019 3:04 pm

    Strong Earthquake Strikes Southern Mexico, Sways Buildings in Capital

    A strong earthquake jolted southern Mexico on Friday, rattling nerves and swaying tall buildings hundreds of miles away in the capital, but there were no reports of serious damage, injuries or deaths. The U.S. Geological Survey reported that the quake had a magnitude of 6.6. It was centered about 10 miles (16 kilometers) from the city of Tapachula in Chiapas...

  • Mexico November 30, 2018 6:10 am

    Warnings Grow Over Unsanitary Conditions in Tijuana Shelter

    Aid workers and humanitarian organizations expressed concerns Thursday about unsanitary conditions at the sports complex in Tijuana where more than 6,000 Central American migrants are packed into a space adequate for half that many people and where lice infestations and respiratory infections are rampant. As a chill rain fell, the dust that coated everyone and everything in the open-air stadium...

  • Donald Trump November 25, 2018 9:37 pm

    Incoming Mexico Gov't: No Deal to Host US Asylum-Seekers

    Mexico’s incoming government denied a report Saturday that it plans to allow asylum-seekers to wait in the country while their claims move through U.S. immigration courts, one of several options the Trump administration has been pursuing in negotiations for months. The deal was seen as a way to dissuade thousands of Central American migrants from seeking asylum in the U.S.,...

  • Twitter November 19, 2018 5:13 am

    Tijuana Protesters Chant ‘Out!' at Migrants Camped in City

    Hundreds of Tijuana residents congregated around a monument in an affluent section of the city south of California on Sunday to protest the thousands of Central American migrants who have arrived via caravan in hopes of a new life in the U.S. Tensions have built as nearly 3,000 migrants from the caravan poured into Tijuana in recent days after more...

  • New York October 30, 2018 10:50 am

    Happening Today: Synagogue Shooting, Migrant Caravan, Guns, Wanaque Center, Shaun White, Demi Lovato

    Here’s what to know for Tuesday, Oct. 30.

  • Donald Trump October 29, 2018 11:07 am

    Migrant Caravan Rests; 2nd Group Seeks Entry Into Mexico

    Thousands of Central American migrants took a break Sunday on their caravan’s long journey through southern Mexico while vowing to press ahead toward the U.S. border roughly 1,000 miles away. Hundreds more migrants tried to force their way into Mexico at the Guatemala border, and one was reported killed. The new group of migrants, who called themselves a second caravan,...

  • Donald Trump October 25, 2018 8:41 pm

    Sickness, Fear, Harassment in Mexico Whittle Away at Caravan

    Little by little, sickness, fear and police harassment are whittling down the migrant caravan making its way to the U.S. border, with many of the 4,000 to 5,000 migrants who resumed their journey Thursday complaining of exhaustion. The group, many with children and even pushing toddlers in strollers, departed Mapastepec at dawn with more than 1,000 miles still to go...

  • Mexico October 24, 2018 3:53 am

    Category 3 Hurricane Willa Hits Mexico's Coast, Starts to Weaken

    Hurricane Willa swept onto Mexico’s Pacific mainland with 120 mph (195 kph) winds Tuesday night, hitting an area of beach towns, fishing villages and farms after roaring over an offshore penal colony. The U.S. National Hurricane Center said the dangerous Category 3 storm hit near Isla del Bosque in Sinaloa state, and federal officials said there were early reports of...

  • Mexico October 23, 2018 3:12 am

    Category 4 Hurricane Willa Threatens Mexico's Pacific Coast

    A potential catastrophic Hurricane Willa swept toward Mexico’s Pacific coast with winds of 145 mph (230 kph) Monday night, threatening a stretch of high-rise resort hotels, surfing beaches and fishing villages. Farther south, Mexican officials reported 12 deaths related to heavy rains from Tropical Storm Vicente. After briefly reaching Category 5 strength, Willa’s maximum sustained winds weakened some. But it...

  • Donald Trump March 12, 2018 10:48 am

    Despite Heated Rhetoric, Little Change on US-Mexico Border

    The daily commute from Mexico to California farms is the same as it was before Donald Trump became president. Hundreds of Mexicans cross the border and line the sidewalks of Calexico’s tiny downtown by 4 a.m., napping on cardboard sheets and blankets or sipping coffee from a 24-hour doughnut shop until buses leave for the fields. For decades, cross-border commuters...

  • United States March 18, 2018 10:44 pm

    5.9 Quake Hits Southern Mexico, Days After More Powerful One

    A magnitude 5.9 earthquake shook the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca on Monday, days after a more powerful temblor hit the same area. State and national emergency officials said they had no immediate reports of damage from the latest shake, but schools were cancelled across the state on Monday.

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