Sprint Taunts Verizon With ‘Twice the Price' Pop-Up Store in Queens

The competition between cellphone companies is getting more fierce and more funny to observe.

In a new marketing scheme against Verizon, deemed the top carrier nationwide with the most subscribers, Sprint has boldly opened up a pop-up store in Flushing, called "Twice the Price," according to a report by CrainsNewYork.com.

The Grand Avenue store is ironically located right next to a Verizon store, and is operating just for the day.

The store will contain random products, from toilet paper to motor oil, priced twice as much as what they would normally be, said the report.

Sprint, dubbed No. 4 in the top wireless carriers list, also released an online commercial Thursday that describes the store's concept, followed by Sprint's promotion of four lines with unlimited data for $22.50 per line per month. Verizon's plan is advertised as four lines for $45 each per month, make it twice as much, the advertisement says.

"Verizon's No. 1, we're No. 4," said Tracy Palmer, Sprint's vice president of brand and advertising, in the report. "We're absolutely willing to have some fun, be a little playful and go after the big guys."

Verizon's response? Just remaining focused on delivering a good experience for their customers.

"The Verizon network consistently comes out on top in network testing nationally and in New York including our recent Root Metrics win for New York City and the Tri State area. We deliver consistent network experience for our customers by continued focus and investment in the latest technologies," said David Weissman, a spokesperson.

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