NYC’s Halloween-Inspired Cocktails and Where to Get Them

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Virgil's Halloween Cauldron - at Virgil's Real BBQ. This monstrous drink is made with 12 ounces of Skyy Vodka and lemonade, topped with a frozen bloody hand and other fun, spooky additions. It can be found at Virgil's Real BBQ in Times Square
Oops I Did It Again - at W New York - Downtown. The Oops I Did It Again is made with tequila, Blue Curacao, pineapple juice and topped with Tropical Pop Rocks. Get the drink at W New York.
Perla Negra - at Slowly Shirley. The drink for two is made with Santa Teresa Rum, activated charcoal and other sweet, spooky ingredients. Find it at Slowly Shirley in Greenwich Village.
Candy Corn Martini - at T45 in Hyatt Centric Times Square. This martini inspired by your favorite Halloween Candy is made with whipped cream vodka, OJ and Grenadine. It can be found at T45 in Hyatt Centric Times Square.
Children Of The Corn - at Sunday in Brooklyn. This creepy drink is made with Altos Olmeca tequila, Mr Black Coffee Liquor and some coconut milk yogurt to give it that ominous feel. Make no mistake though, there is nothing creepy about the taste. The Children Of The Corn can be found at Sunday in Brooklyn.
From Left to Right: Gold Spinner, Pucker Up Prince, Let Down Your Hair, Liar Liar - at Hudson Bar. Find these spooky concoctions at Hudson Bar in the Hudson Hotel through October.
Your Basic Painkilla - at Monarch Rooftop Lounge. Your Basic Painkilla is made with rum, pumpkin spice syrup, coco and various juices. It can be found at Monarch's Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest at Monarch Rooftop Lounge on Oct. 28.
The Kingdom of the Red Skull - at The Williamsburg Hotel. The Red Skull is made with Bacardi and topped with tarragon. It can be found at the Williamsburg Hotel in Brooklyn.
Rita La Muerta - at Taco Electrico. This tropical infusion consists of blue hibiscus Casamigos tequila and other flavors. It can be found at Taco Electrico in Union Square.
Williamsburg Hotel
The Ghost Face Killer - at Williamsburg Hotel. The Ghost Face Killer is the tequila punch you need, topped with an adorable macaroon from Brooklyn Bread Lab. Get it at the Williamsburg Hotel.
Smoke and Blood - at Westlight in The William Vale. The Smoke and Blood cocktail is made with Mezcal, beet syrup and other spooky add-ons. It can be found at Westlight in The William Vale.
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