These Are All of the Best Foods in New Jersey, According to a Recent List

New Jersey is home to some delicious restaurants. Check out 14 of the best foods in the state and where to get them!

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The Daily Meal says the states most delicious, deep-fried in beef fat hot dog is at Rutt’s Hut.
santillopizza / Instagram
Rich in craft and history, The Daily Meal crowns Santillos Brick Oven Pizza, opened in 1950 by Al Santillo, in New Jersey.
fruitnseason / Instagram
Whether you’re in the mood for pizza or a huge portion of veal parmesan, The Daily Meal suggests Spirito’s. Just don’t forget your own butter for the bread.
beeperson / Instagram
Have some fun at Uncle Dood’s Donuts. The Daily Meal suggests trying a Vermont Swine donut, topped with vanilla icing and bacon bits.
Krista / flickr
An Atlantic City staple, The Daily Meal recommends ordering the Italian from White House Subs.
Liz West / flickr
White Manna serves the perfect interpretation of the White Castle burger, according to The Daily Meal.
favabrews / Instagram
The Daily Meal says guests can always find friendly locals and ice cold beer at Great Notch Inn.
xvivianwongx / Instagram
Favorite dishes at Hunan Taste include soup dumplings, Peking duck and Mandarin pork chop, according to The Daily Meal.
Nick Silvo / flickr
The 82 year old Irish pub, McGovern’s Tavern, has been named best bar by The Daily Meal.
oinkandmoo_bbq / Instagram
Try some beef brisket or pulled pork barbecue in a slider, chili or quesadilla at Oink and Moo, The Daily Meal’s best New Jersey food truck.
nathanimalll / Instagram
If you’re in Atlantic City, The Daily Meal recommends trying a taco on a made-to-order tortilla at the praised Panchos Mexican Taqueria.
foxyfleet / Instagram
With fresh sushi prepared well, Honshu has been charming Jersey City locals for a decade, according to The Daily Meal.
Victoria L. / Yelp
Family owned, The Daily Meal has praised Anguilas de Mexico on their tacos for their freshness and consistency.
Pink Cake Box / Instagram
The Pink Cake Box is an acclaimed bakery with cake so moist The Daily Meal “you won’t care how beautiful they are.”
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