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Caught on Tape: Citi Field's First Streaker

Another milestone at the new Mets ballpark



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    Streaking his way into the history books.

    There are a lot of important firsts in the history of a new ballpark. First hit, first run, first win and, of course, first streaker. Citi Field had been devoid of that final milestone until Tuesday night when a man wearing a bizarre stuffed animal thong sprinted across the field against the Braves.

    Craig Coakley took off from the first base side of the field and slid into second base before trying to make his escape through center field. He wasn't quite that lucky, however, as he stumbled and was dragged off by security. He's scheduled to be arraigned Wednesday afternoon on charges of interfering with a sporting event.

    Coakley's friend Mike, who didn't give a last name, shot an R-rated video of the streak that's up on YouTube, but we can't endorse it here.

    "Craig has been dying to do this for years, and we both feel very priveleged to be a part of New York Mets history at Citi Field," said Mike, adding that the two pals live in Whitestone.

    For those who missed the big event, here's a cleaner video captured by a fan at the game.

    The night may have ended badly for Coakley, but it appears he brought some good karma to the Mets. On a night where the Mets tried their best to lose the game on the basepaths, Coakley's run may have tickled the fancy of some baseball god just enough to let them win the game in end.

    David Wright tagged up on a short fly ball to center and got gunned down at the plate. Jose Reyes tried to stretch a double into a triple and was thrown out by 40 feet. Carlos Beltran was thrown out stealing third, but the umpire, perhaps still thinking about what he'd seen during Coakley's visit, called him safe. That led to the tying run, which put the Mets in position to win a game they'd done their best to lose.

    Too much credit to give Coakley? Perhaps, but it wouldn't have been seemly for the Mets to lose on such a historic night at Citi Field. There hasn't been a streaker at Yankee Stadium yet. Given the stadium's feelings about any fan even approaching the field level stands, though, you have to expect that there are snipers waiting to shoot at the first sight of one.

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