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"Spider-Man 4" Production Crew Gets Stuck in Crane



    "Spider-Man 4" Production Crew Gets Stuck in Crane
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    Production of the "Spider-Man 4" movie in New York City was delayed slightly Monday when a crew got stuck in a frozen crane in Lower Manhattan, and New York City firefighters were called in.

    A spokesman for FDNY said four units were dispatched at 11:13 a.m. to 31 Market St., where crews were preparing for a film shoot.

    DNAInfo reports a crew had gotten in a cherry-picker to place plywood on the roof of a building in preparation for a shoot when the crane lost power mid-air.

    Firefighters used a bucket of their own to retrieve the crew from the stalled crane, said the FDNY spokesperson.

    No one was hurt. Firefighters cleared the scene before noon.

    A representative for Local 52 Motion Picture Studio Mechanics Union confirmed crew members were in the area this morning.

    "Spider-Man 4," the fourth installment of the blockbuster action comic franchise starring Andrew Garfield, Sally Field, Dennis Leary, and Emma Stone, has been shooting in New York City this

    On Location Vacations, a blog that aggregates filming locations and celebrity sightings, reported "Spider-Man 4" would be shooting in Lower Manhattan Monday, and that a low-flying helicopter was scheduled to fly over the Williamsburg Bridge and East River from 5 p.m. until 4 a.m.