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NY's Burbs Struggle to Dig Out From Latest Winter Blast



    NY's Burbs Struggle to Dig Out From Latest Winter Blast
    Kristen Limbert
    It's not easy to dig out of snow like this.

    Mike Broder had been working 56 hours straight when we found him cutting tree limbs on a street in Greenburgh.

    For this 19-year veteran of the Greenburgh highway department, it didn't phase him at all.

    "I got no power at home," said Broder, 46.

    A lot of people in Greenburgh and other Westchester and Upstate suburbs were without electricity at home in the wake of the monster storm that moved through the area Thursday and Friday.

    The Tahara family living on a dead end street elsewhere in Greenburgh had no power at all by mid-afternoon Saturday.

    "The wire was smoking and sparking in the middle of the night sometimes," said Daniel Tahara, 17.

    Only an hour or so before, a crew had finally come by to at least get a tree out of the road. But there was still no power and the lines were "hot."

    "My daughter has asthma, we've got a gentleman down the street who has Parkinson's, one of the other people has a bad heart," said Daniel's mother, Denise.

    Town Supervisor Paul Feiner said there were 25 streets blocked by fallen trees and power lines Saturday morning.

    "We can't plow the roads until Con Ed gives us the OK and says the wires are safe," Feiner said.

    While that was down from the 50 streets blockaded the day before, Feiner was still concerned.

    "There's no emergency access if somebody has a heart attack or they need the services of the police department, fire department [or] ambulance," said Feiner.

    Still, he predicted all streets would be open by Sunday, and power restored to everyone by Tuesday.

    And for those who needed it, Con Ed was giving away free dry ice.