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Brain Surgeons Slapped With $10M Lawsuit



    Brain Surgeons Slapped With $10M Lawsuit
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    Doctors Paolo Bolognese and Thomas Milhorat are accused of performing unnecessary surgery.

    A woman has filed a lawsuit saying two neurosurgeons operated twice on her brain and spinal cord for problems she didn't have.

    Kristy Pirozzolo sued Long Island doctors Paolo Bolognese and Thomas Milhorat for $10 million on Monday.

    Bolognese and Milhorat are part of the Chiari Institute at North Shore University Hospital in Nassau County. The two doctors are well paid for their efforts. They combined to earn $10 million last year after performing 500 procedures, according to the New York Daily News.

    Pirozzolo said she now has constant pain and has trouble moving her head.

    "She was looking to get her life back," Pirozzolo's lawyer, Christina Ctorides, told The News. "She had two surgeries which have made her so much worse."

    An attorney for the doctors and hospital, Tony Sola, vowed to “defend this lawsuit on the science and the evidence and the truth.”

    Pirozzolo was working for a Manhattan brokerage firm and living by herself in the city when she began to experience fainting spells.

    She went for treatment at the Mayo Clinic where she was diagnosed with "orthostatic intolerance," a disorder that disrupts a person's blood pressure, according to The News. Pirozzolo went to North Shore University Hospital for help after medicine prescribed by Mayo Clinic doctors didn't help stem her fainting spells.

    The lawsuit marks the second time in the last month that Bolognese and Milhorat have been in the news. The doctors were suspended last month after Bolognese failed to show up to operate on a patient who was already under anesthesia. Milhorat was on duty, but he refused to scrub in to cover for his colleague.
    Milhorat, 73, stepped down as the hospital's chief of neurosurgery shortly after the incident. Bolognese, 48, was reinstated and returned to work on Monday.

    Milhorat earned $7.2 million in 2007 according to a Crain's New York survey - by far the biggest surgeon salary in the New York City area - and Bolognese made $2.4 million.