Taxidermy, Trains and Tasting Sessions: 10 Truly Unique Museums to Visit in New York City

From taxidermy animals to trains to exhibitions that tickle your taste buds, New York City has a range of unique museums you may have never heard of. Next time you're in the mood to visit a museum, consider some of these lesser known options.

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Mike Zohn
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Torah Animal World, 1601 41 Street, is a museum that commemorates the different animals from the Torah using taxidermy animals. The owner runs this museum out of his house so visitors have to make an appointment to attend.
Courtesy of Brad Vogel
Propel yourself along the Gowanus Canal with the Gowanus Dredgers Canoe Club, leaving from the 2nd Street Canal Launch Site. People can learn about the estuary and canal while paddling along in a canoe.
Megan Swann
The Museum of Food and Drink, 62 Bayard Street Brooklyn, is a multi-sensational museum experience where people can learn to think critically about food and flavor. They also hosted themed events to test your taste buds with new and exciting cuisine.
Art Presson
Green-Wood Cemetery, 500 25th St Brooklyn, is a cemetery where visitors can tour the graves of historic and famous figures and those who are recently deceased. Famous music composer Leonard Bernstein is one of the cemetery's residents. The facility offers general recurring tours and specific themed ones to learn about some of the other residences.
National Museum of Mathematics
Some people may shudder at the thought of math, but the National Museum of Mathematics may help you rethink your fear of arithmetic. Located at 11 East 26th Street, the interactive museum dedicated to math incorporates technology to make learning fun.
bitneycastles / instagram
New York Transit Museum, in a decommissioned subway station at the corner of Boerum Place and Schermerhorn Street, is a museum dedicated to New York City’s mass transit infrastructure. They have exhibits for people of all ages, and a fleet of vintage subway cars and buses to explore.
Mike Zohn
Obscura Antiques, 207 Avenue A, is a museum filled with the obscure - everything from interesting shoes to animal heads. The also have an online gift shop where you can purchases such oddities as dice made from animal bones. The Obscura team also visits different area events where you can take a peek at the unusual trinkets.
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Pier 54, just past 13th Street and W 11th Avenue, was once a docking point for liners such as the Titanic, but it's now a performance space and tourist destination where people can remember the ocean liners of the past.
Steve McGill
Take a museum tour along the Hudson River. Water Front Museum, 290 Conover St takes visitors on a tour of the historic barge, Lehigh Valley Barge #79.
Courtesy of Mmuseumm
The two exhibits that make up the MMuseumm, 4 Cortlandt Alley, are open 24 hours for anyone to visit or call in for an audio tour. The exhibits combine modern everyday items and oddities for people to tour. Items include a box of cricket pasta and a coin of ISIS currency to make you think critically about the world around you.
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