Window Dressing: Armani’s Red Carpet Dresses

From now until March 21, stop by Armani's Fifth Avenue flagship for a glimpse at some of the designers past red carpet dresses -- as well as Lady Gaga's infamous Grammys ensemble.

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Armani's collection of red carpet dresses will be on display from now through March 21 at the the designer's Fifth Avenue flagship.
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The real draw to the windows (and what was causing a small traffic jam in front of the store when we popped by) is Gaga's wild-looking dress from the Grammys.
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We can't tell you how much fun it is to stare the detail of what looked to be like glittering underpants on top of the bodysuit Gaga was wearing. Spectacular.
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The rest of the dresses have Armani's signature style -- lots of black and white and sequins.
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Dresses that Beyonce wore make two appearances in the windows -- one, this long glittering column (that upon closer inspection has flowers printed on it) ...
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The second Beyonce dress is this staggeringly-ornate mini with strong shoulders from Armani's Prive collection. Beyonce wore it to the Grammys.
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The midnight blue Armani Prive gown that Anne Hathaway wore to the Golden Globes -- covered in Swarovski crystals.
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Alicia Keys wore this eye-catching purple dress from Armani Prive at the 2009 Oscars.
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One of our favorites: The gorgeous black lace gown that Penelope Cruz wore to the Golden Globes.
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Another one of our favorites -- a lush, oyster-colored gown with a plunging neckline.
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