10 New York-Based Sustainable Designers to Know Right Now

This Earth Day, we celebrate the evolution of the green movement in fashion from hemp-clad hippie circles to those at the cutting edge of conscious design.

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Thread NY
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This Earth Day, we celebrate the evolution of the green movement in fashion. Case in point: Suno, a label that sparked a trend with its Kenyan-sourced textiles. The young label blends eye-catching design with sustainable practices between New York's Garment District and artisan cooperatives in Kenya and, now, India.
Bodkin designer and former fashion editor Eviana Hartman has played a tremendous role in proving how chic eco-fashion can be, with each season turning out highly coveted pieces from coats to swimwear.
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CFDA Eco Challenge winner Maria Cornejo operates by the philosophy that good design is not disposable, and bases her minimalist aesthetic for Zero + Maria Cornejo around locally-sourced, environmentally-sound fabrics.
Study NY
Winner of the 2011 Ecco Domani Fashion Fund award for sustainable fashion, Tara St. James' label, Study, is blazing the trail for thoughtful, environmentally-conscious clothing.
Five years after founding her own Brooklyn-based label, Samantha Pleet has become the darling of locals looking for retro-inspired dresses, rompers, and separates. And, oh, yeah, they're made with mostly organic fabrics.
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With natural fabrics as her foundation, designer Suzanne Rae has quietly emerged as a strong contender in the realm of environmentally-conscious high fashion.
Feral Childe
There's an impeccably thoughtful method to the madness of Feral Childe's exuberant, treasure-piece prints, and the Brooklyn-based label has become a sought-after label within the green movement.
The Sway
The Sway makes luxury leather handbags from excess scraps—offering a remarkably chic example of what a good designer can do with the leftovers.
Ajna Collection
Ajna Collection uses only certified organic and sustainable textiles, produced by indigenous artisans as part of the New York-based label's dedication to a holistic, socially-conscious business model.
The Battalion
The Battalion's sharply on-trend designs don't let on the thought process behind their production—designer Linda Wong uses only dead stock and recycled raw material, as well as bamboo, organic cotton, and faux fur.
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