Purse Purge: Jill and Karen of Pret-a-Surf Spills Their Satchels

The busy ladies behind Pret-a-Surf both share their handbag essentials, from bright Smythson notebooks to chic workout gear.

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Jill Demling/Karen Mulligan
Jill Demling and Karen Mulligan, the uber-stylish founders of Pret-a-Surf, juggle their busy careers (Jill is also editor of Vogue's entertainment content while Karen manages Annie Leibovitz's studio) while also designing their cool collection of modern swimwear. Somehow, the ladies made time in their crazy schedules to offer us a peek at their handbags.
Jill Demling
Jill's bag is packed with gym and workout class essentials. 1. "Since I often go to Flybarre class after work, I'm always carrying my oversized Pret-a-Surf for Esquivel bag." 2. "Even if I don't make it to Flybarre, I always have my Splits 59 work out clothes." 3. "A Richard Chai hoodie, just in case!" 4. "Winter is here: I need my samples of Dr. Colbert face cream and a variety of shades of Nars lip gloss that seem to collect in the bottom of my bag, never to be found on a night when I need my 'Tiber' brown." 5. "I will also have a wet nap of sorts, usually left over from the handful I grabbed at a diner. Not into gel sanitizer for some reason!"
Karen Mulligan
Karen keeps her shearling Celine satchel super-organized. 1: "Smythson notebooks filled with to-do lists and work and social calendars." 2. "My Comme des Garcons pouch keeps everything neat and tidy." 3. "A Prada keychain to keep keys easy to find." 4. "Canon point and shoot in a bright color that makes it easy to find." 5. "And of course [I keep it] in a Miu Miu pouch!" 6. "Blackberry, because I have to stay connected."
The designers recently unveiled the Spring 2012 Pret a Surf collection, which features an expanded selection of bathing suits, some with a retro feel.
A chic bikini by Pret a Surf in a vintage-inspired floral print.
Fashion-forward Pret a Surf swimwear, paired with a chambray cover-up.
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