Photographer Spotlight: Jeffrey Baum

Photographer Jeffrey Baum abandoned the beauty business to focus on his moody, film noir-inspired images.

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Jeffrey Baum
Jeffrey Baum got his start in the fashion business working as a makeup artist before realizing he had more to offer behind the camera. "It got to the point where I had more vision than that role could satisfy," explains Baum. "I was fueled by creating the mood, essence, and composition of the final product."
Jeffrey Baum
Baum is nothing if not a master of mood. His images -- often darkly romantic with a cinematic, film noir quality -- reflect his fascination with artists who "draw viewers in to some skewed reality," including Jon Cocteau, Paolo Roversi and Deborah Turbeville.
Jeffrey Baum
Baum's use of natural light often lends his images a haunting, magical quality. "There is a sense of intimacy one can relish in even in the most public of space," explains Baum. "We are all capsules filled with an infinite emotional spectrum ... I strive to capture the physicality of that intangible spectrum."
Jeffrey Baum
A preference for less-than-ideal weather also contributes to the overall mysterious mood of his work. "I do have a fondness for shooting in questionable weather," he admits. "I detest perfect sunny weather in most circumstances. The a rain, clouds, and heavy atmosphere can play a character of its own."
Jeffrey Baum
As for who he's hoping to get behind the lens next, Baum says he's always on the hunt for subjects who are "willing to expose different facets of themselves ... Ideally, I would enjoy documenting an actress over the length of a few years, playing different characters in my world of artifice."
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