10 Fashion Commercials We Love

Smitten by Karl Lagerfeld's recent mini film for Chanel, we trolled back through the archives for some of our favorite and most memorable fashion ads.

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Inspired by all the mini-movie narratives we've seen for brands from Olsenboye to Chanel lately, we delved into the archives to pick out some of our favorite and most memorable fashion ads. Entitled Shopping Fever, Karl Lagerfeld's recent directorial effort for Chanel is a Parisian hotel room romp starring Dree Hemingway, Abbey Lee and Baptiste Giabiconi, that results in one fashionable pillowfight.
Thanks to this iconic campaign, starring a 15 year-old Brooke Shields, practically everyone recognizes the phrase, "Nothing comes between me and my Calvins."
Saks Fifth Avenue
Directed by Sofia Coppola, we love this charming and whimsical 2008 ad for Miss Dior Cherie. The song, "Moi, Je Joue," sung by Brigitte Bardot, is unshakably catchy, too.
It's surprising enough to see Bob Dylan's visage in a commercial, let alone one for Victoria's Secret. Enough said.
Madonna's collaboration with H&M in 2007 resulted in some slightly lackluster clothing, but one seriously fabulous commercial, wherein the Material Girl and her sycophants make over one lucky girl.
What's better than a commercial with hot chicks in lingerie? A commercial with hot chicks in lingerie and explosions, as Michael Bay proved in his 2009 Victoria's Secret campaign.
Calvin Klein
While the infamous Herb Ritts-photographed Calvin Klein campaign may have made headlines, it was nothing compared to the sexy video starring the two hot youngsters.
Nicole Kidman's cinematic commercial for Chanel No. 5 had clear references to her "Moulin Rouge" role, and remains one of the most luminous fashion ads we've ever seen.
Betsey Johnson's kooky video for her Fall 2009 collection is probably one of the best embodiments of a designer's personality that we've seen yet. Here, we're introduced to "Betsey Crocker," a nutty cooking host, who dresses up her model guest in frothy skirts and confection-like party dresses.
Okay, so Roman Polanksi's "ad" for "Greed" perfume isn't really real, but we love it nonetheless for pitting a cherubic Natalie Portman versus a darker and devious Michelle Williams as they roll on the ground over an elusive bottle of perfume.
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