First Look: Laura Lobdell Jewelry Holiday Collection

We were invited to a private dining room in Bobo's West Village townhouse yesterday, to take in jewelry designer Laura Lobdell's holiday collection, laid out amongst an impressive assortment of confections.

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The "Champagne and Chandeliers" theme obviously caught our attention, and the array of jewels (as well as the, ahem, desserts) exceeded all expectations.
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Overseeing the presentation was Xiao, resident pup of the Laura Lobdell shop, which resides next door to Bobo.
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We were particularly taken with the silk, tulle and velvet wrap bracelets, a wintry spin on the current stock of light and silky versions now in the store.
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True statement pieces, these are bracelets to put on when a basic cuff or bangle just won't do.
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Although it's hard to capture properly on camera, this is one of the world's more delightful inventions: a mink ring, dyed a deep indigo and topped off with a few beads.
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Among the piles of goodies strewn throughout the tabletop were Lobdell's newest riff on the chandelier earring. Hand-cut from an antique book, the paper danglies are brushed with sterling silver and gold on one side.
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Enter Champagne: besides the French theme, Piper-Heidsieck helped inspire Lobdell's precious cork necklaces.
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The cork necklaces cast a simple shape—but one that connotes celebration, for sure—into precious metals for posterity.
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More beads and buns!
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Delicious all around, we'd say. For more of Laura Lobdell's treasures, visit her tiny store next door, at 183 W. 10th Street.
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