First Look: Alexander Wang’s Sunglasses

It-designer Alexander Wang's first foray into eyewear may not be for everyone -- Lady Gaga's a fan, though that may be saying it all -- but the collection thankfully ranges from dramatic cat-eyes to quirky retro shapes.

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Opening Ceremony
Opening Ceremony just released its first look at the Alexander Wang sunglasses collection the store will be carrying for spring. No prices yet, though we bet they'll be over $200. The most talked-about style, of course, are these dramatic cat-eye shades with silver tips.
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Lady Gaga rocked the not-yet-in-stores cat-eye version (in silver) at a press event back in September. Granted, she looked ferocious, but we're not sure we could pull off the same look (or would necessarily want to).
Opening Ceremony
We were pleased to see that the collection included a more wearable-looking silhouette, though of course, Wang couldn't resist lining this style with gleaming zippers (nice touch).
Opening Ceremony
The zippers also come in a sleek silver color, and they extend a good distance down the sides of the glasses as well.
Opening Ceremony
Perhaps the most face-friendly style is this simple retro pair, rendered in basic black. The frames have a slightly '60s Cary Grant flair, though the square-ish shape gives it a more modern spin.
Opening Ceremony
The side-view of the retro pair reveals Wang's simple silver insignia toward the hinges of the glasses. Thankfully, the designer has steered clear of lots of name-brand signage.
Opening Ceremony
Of course, Wang couldn't resist giving even his simplest style a more eye-popping take in futuristic silver.
Opening Ceremony
Though we're partial to the same simple style in a bronze-y gold.
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