Designers Weather the Storm in Style

From Lauren Moffatt's deviled egg reserves to Cynthia Rowley's plywood-graffiti in Montauk, designers took the weekend's Hurricane Irene in stride.

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Cynthia Rowley
Cynthia Rowley
From Lauren Moffatt's deviled egg reserves to vodka and PB&J for Sally LaPointe, New York designers took the weekend's Hurricane Irene in stride. When we checked in with Cynthia Rowley, she sent us a picture of her Montauk store: "I think this says it all!"
Catherine Blair Pfander
Gaby Basora, Tucker: "Conditions designers face daily are akin to Mother Nature's stormy weather. I took my family, sister and friends visiting from Amsterdam out of the city to friends upstate, to ensure I could be able to work on completing the Spring Collection and then wrestled fallen trees, no power and floods to get back to work in the city!"
Catherine Blair Pfander / Thread NY
Lauren Moffatt: "I hard-boiled two dozen eggs Friday night. Not quite sure what I was thinking: Had we lost power, my poor family would have been eating deviled eggs for days."
NBC 4 New York
Charlotte Ronson: "I went to my friend's house to spend time with her and her kids. Her mother was evacuated so we decided to invite my mother over as well. We cooked dinner and hung out for a while. Then my mother and I were lucky enough to find a car that would take us back to her apartment. We ordered a movie and my mother taped up some windows just to be safe. We ended up sleeping through the entire storm. Irene ended up being a great excuse to spend time with friends and family."
Catherine Blair Pfander/The Thread
Marcia Patmos, M. Patmos/Leroy & Perry: “My boyfriend and I reorganized the apartment, played a lot of Boggle and cooked.”
Kevin Tachman, Sally LaPointe
Sally LaPointe
n"We (my business partner, Sarah Adelson and I) weathered the storm by vigorously protecting our runway samples, eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, drinking vodka on ice, and coloring with crayons."
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Rebecca Minkoff: “It was actually kind of nice! I was able to re-charge, catch up on sleep and watch movies.”
Catherine Blair Pfander
Ellen Van Dusen, Dusen Dusen: "My boyfriend's birthday was Saturday and mine was Sunday, so we attempted to make the best of it. We stayed in and cooked each other dinners, caught up on our Netflix queue and saw friends in the neighborhood. Luckily there was no damage in our neighborhood and we were about to get out of the house on Sunday!"
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Suzanne Pelaez, Suzanne Rae: "It was fun! My friends stayed at my place in Bushwick and we had a 48-hour hurricane party! Just disappointed we didn't get to use our rafts and floaties."
Shabd Simon-Alexander, Shabd: "I hunkered down all weekend working on last minute patterns for spring 2012, listening to This American Life and drinking wine with neighbors in my building."
Erickson Beamon
Karen Erickson, Erickson Beamon: “I live and work in West Chelsea, Zone A, so I "evacuated" to the W Hotel around the corner from the Kabbalah Center. I shared a hurricane Shabbat with China Chow and Erin Fetherston, along with my daughter Mandie and my husband Eric. With Fashion Week around the corner, this weekend was supposed to be spent working on my upcoming presentation, entitled 'Redemption of Eve & the Return to the Garden,' so now we are in crunch mode to finish in time."
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