Gaga, Rihanna Top Magazines' Best-Selling Cover Girls

Numbers are in on whose faces were worth gold on the newsstands last year, with the edgy rockers beating out more wholesome competitors like Taylor Swift.

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Rolling Stone
Rolling Stone
The numbers are in on 2010's best and worst-selling covers, with edgy rockers beating out more wholesome competition. Lady Gaga was the year's big newsstands winner: Her July 8 Rolling Stone cover was the top-selling issue of the year (though the issue, it should be noted, contained the bombshell story on General McChrystal).
Vanity Fair
Gaga once again struck gold (er, silver?) with the September issue of Vanity Fair, which came in second only to the magazine's Angelina Jolie's cover in terms of sales. The singer shared top billing with the 2010 International Best-Dressed List.
Fellow stylish rocker Rihanna owned the second biggest-selling cover of the year with her scantily-clad appearance on GQ.
Rihanna also covered Seventeen's biggest issue of the year in August, proving that the brave face she presented after a tumultuous year affected the magazine's younger audience.
On the other end of the spectrum, the seemingly most popular girl in school, Taylor Swift, appeared on Elle's worst-selling issue of the year in April, and Glamour's second-worst.
Maybe she's too young or maybe, readers were more interested in the bad-girl-fashion types last year.
Marie Claire
Though Jessica Simpson's Lucky cover sold spectacularly well, her makeup-free cover for Marie Claire sold the fewest copies of the magazine all year.
We were somewhat shocked to learn that golden girl Blake Lively's cover for Esquire was the men's magazine's worst-performing edition of the year. To be fair, the curvy, all-American blond is almost unrecognizable.
Lively also had a weak showing for the June issue of Vogue, which was apparently the third worst-selling of the year for the magazine. (Perhaps a sign that some are tiring of the Wintour-favored star?) She did, however, have success with a cover for Allure this year.
Anne Hathaway's Vogue cover fared even worse than Lively's, coming in at second-worst in newsstand sales. Rumors are circulating that Lady Gaga is on deck for the March cover, so maybe Wintour is banking on bold -- the antithesis of these sweet-and-perfect types.
Proving MTV reality star Lauren Conrad might be losing her teen audience, but gaining a more adult one, her Seventeen cover was the magazine's second-worst of the year, while this September cover for Glamour was its best of 2010.
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