Photos: Kaki King, Pedro da Silva @ MoMA

Indie icon Kaki King plucked, strummed and thumped to an enthusiastic crowd at MoMA.

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Erica Camille for NBC
There were a whole lot of unusual stringed instruments in the house last night when MoMA brought two indie-music luminaries together with the show “Guitar Innovators: Kaki King and Pedro da Silva.” Photo for NBC by Erica Camille.
Georgia-born, Brooklyn-based guitar player and composer Kaki King has technique to burn: She gets a near-orchestra’s worth of sounds out of an instrument, incorporating finger-picking, fret-slapping, sound layering and looping, and percussive thumping into her music. Photo for NBC by Erica Camille.
Erica Camille for NBC
King’s boundary-pushing guitar technique made her the on woman to earn Rolling Stone’s “Guitar God” accolade, in February 2006. Photo for NBC by Erica Camille.
Erica Camille for NBC
She may be an indie goddess, but King collaborates with some of the biggest names in music. She’s worked with Foo Fighters, Eddie Vedder and Timbaland (on material that became Miley Cyrus' "We Belong To The Music"). Photo for NBC by Erica Camille.
Erica Camille for NBC
If some of King’s instruments, like this one, look like something out of Picasso’s paintings, there’s good reason—the show was presented in conjunction with the exhibition Picasso: Guitars 1912–1914. Photo for NBC by Erica Camille.
Erica Camille for NBC
King was invited by the Ovation Guitar Company to design her own guitar. Photo for NBC by Erica Camille.
Erica Camille for NBC
Hey, slackers: Portuguese composer and guitarist Pedro da Silva plays 18 instruments. Photo for NBC by Erica Camille.
Erica Camille for NBC
Silva also composes in just about every style, from film scores to electronic to jazz. Photo for NBC by Erica Camille.
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