Best Magazine Covers of 2009

The past year saw a sad number of magazine closings and cutbacks, but we're still smitten with the glossies, no matter what. Here, we've rounded up some of our favorite covers of the past year.

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W Magazine
Harper's Bazaar
Kate Winslet gave the city a kiss with her high flying high fashion cover for Harper's Bazaar, Chrysler Building, couture and all.
Teen Vogue
Despite her youth, Emma Watson, along with her Harry Potter co-stars, represents one of three actors with the top grossing films of all time. So, she's rich, but fortunately, she's also incredibly chic, smart and adorable, as illustrated in her enchanting Teen Vogue shoot this fall.
Elle UK
For our U.K. entry, Gwyneth Paltrow's ebullient, dramatic fashion cover for Elle UK thrilled us in such a way we rarely experience with the stateside persona of Ms. "Goop" Paltrow.
V Magazine
Channeling a trippy mix of Valley of the Dolls, Grace Jones and south Florida, Lady Gaga continued her winning shock streak with a day-glo V Magazine cover as juicy as the lady herself.
Styled as a gamine ingenue with a world of wisdom and sorrow in her almond eyes, Michelle Williams gave Vogue a beguiling cover shot as innocent-seeming as it was sultry.
Pop Magazine
13-year-old blogging sensation Tavi took the fashion world by storm this year, and while some were thrilled by the presence of such a wee ingenue on the scene, others weren't sure how to feel about a barely-teen on the front row. Regardless, Pop had its finger on the pulse with its dueling, playful Tavi covers.
Vanity Fair
The planet's funniest woman, Tina Fey, stepped out of the box, and out of her pants, for a patriotic, smart-sexy Vanity Fair cover.
As the cover states, Lara Stone owned 2009 as fashion's "It" girl, with her mighty size four curves. W shows off Stone at her sensual best, steeped in femininity and fashion-saturated sex appeal.
W Magazine
W's playful portrayal of Linda Evangelista as a despondent former rich-girl couldn't have been better executed. In addition to her desperate cardboard sign "It Must Be Somebody's Fault," interior shots included Evangelista crawling through abandoned closets in couture.
O, The Oprah Magazine
Among her historic accomplishments in 2009, First Lady Michelle Obama broke ground as the first person to appear, besides Oprah herself, on the cover of O, The Oprah Magazine. And it was the clear plastic belt to launch a thousand accessories trends ...
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