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Ricky Martin Gushes About Fatherhood



    Ricky Martin Gushes About Fatherhood
    Ricky Martin is opening up.

    With the release of his book, "Me," Ricky Martin is opening up about a lot of things – his decision to come out, how he told his parents he was gay, and more, but he's also opening up about one of his biggest events in his life — becoming a dad. In part two of Shaun Robinson's interview with the singing superstar for Access Hollywood, he talked about the unconventional and high tech way he became a father.

    "You chose a surrogate to have your children. Why did you go that route?" Shaun asked.

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    "I sat in front of the computer and I started searching. It definitely was a very beautiful journey," Ricky said.

    The result of that journey were twins Mateo and Valentino Martin, now 2. Two women helped with that journey – the surrogate who carried the babies and the woman who donated the eggs.

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    "Do you know what the donor looks like?" Shaun asked.

    "Of course. Yeah," Ricky laughed. "Yes, I know what the donor looks like."

    Ricky poured through online profiles until he found the right donor.

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    "Yeah, it's in the computer, you sit down for hours and [look at] different profiles," Ricky explained.

    "What made you go, 'OK, her?'" Shaun asked.

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    "It's a vibe thing, you know. In this case, it was like, I feel something in her eyes and her smile," Ricky said. "And then you read the profile and you read her letter… and where she goes to school and--"

    "So she's cute and smart?" Shaun asked.

    "She's very beautiful, yeah. And she is smart as well, yeah," he said.

    Ricky is out, proud and happy and now that he is a dad to two adorable twin boys, Ricky's life is pure bliss. It was two years ago when Ricky's babies were born and he told Shaun he was nervous and exhilarated on the day.

    "Do you remember that day? Where were you? What were you doing?" Shaun asked.

    "I was just waiting for that phone call. It was like, 'OK, any time now. Any time now,'" Ricky recounted. "Was I nervous? Yes, I was nervous. I received a phone call 'You're gonna be a daddy today, OK?' Get in the car and drive to the hospital and I was not in the delivery room, but I was in the little room next to it so I could hear…the first cry."

    Ricky said the first cry was monumental.

    "This is real. Woah! OK, perfect" Ricky said of his first reactions. "So I want to hold them. I need to hold them.

    "I went to my room and the nurse gave them to me and I started holding them and I was like, 'This is amazing. I mean, it feels incredible. There is… There is a God. This is miraculous and they do look like me," he added, laughing.

    So what kind of dad is Ricky?

    "Hands on!" he said.

    "Change diapers?" Shaun asked.

    "Everyday I change the diapers. I wake them up. I put them to sleep. I feed them. I bathe them… I sing to them," he said.

    Ricky admitted his boys get a host of songs from their superstar singing father.

    "There's very typical Spanish songs — lullaby-ish songs or, you know, I can go back to classic rock once and a while. Of course, it's about music," he laughed.

    Ricky wrote his new memoir, "Me," for his children.

    "The only agenda that I have with my book is to create a very beautiful, solid relationship with my children and 10, 15 years from now, my children will read this book and they will say, 'Daddy, I get it. I know who you are. I know what you went through and I know where you've been and it's — and I'm very proud of you,'" Ricky said.

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