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We're Loving: Vintage Scarf Necklaces by Ken + Dana



    There was a time when silk scarves were considered the signature accessories for women of a certain age named Agatha, Blanche, Mabel, and Getrude—or French dames of any age who knew how to tie them perfectly. But in an awesome demonstration of taking something old and making it new again, ken + dana's vintage scarve necklaces promise you don't have to be either to sport one.

    The New York City-based designers source colorfully-patterned vintage scarves from local vendors and markets, before transforming them into chic necklace/scarf hybrids with the addition of chunky, geometric-shaped brass hardware and wooden beads. Move the pieces around and create entirely different looks, whether you're tying, knotting, or simply wrapping. And, to remind you that every necklace is one of a kind, each comes with a name of its own—like Agatha, Blanche, Mabel, and Gertrude...