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Rachel Zoe "Lit-trally" Dies for Fashion



    Fans of celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe know that she has several key catchphrases and buzzwords—all articulated with her very own Zoe-specific intonation and emphasis: "Babe," "buh-nanahs," and "lit-trally" are some of her signatures, but perhaps most well-known is "I die." And this month, she does. Lit-trally.

    In a death by fashion-themed photo spread for the September issue of Harper's Bazaar, Zoe and fashion desigers play out her most fantasized sartorial death wishes. Capitalizing on her recent return to television with the third season of her reality show, the Rachel Zoe Project, the spread features Zoe meeting her fate at the hands of American designers such as Michael Kors (who aptly buries her under heaps of handbags) and an icy, diabolical-looking Vera Wang.

    We love photographer Douglas Friedman's Hitchockian-style shots and it goes without saying, this shoot is way more clever than making the famously-waifish Zoe eat a bunch of bananas.

    For more photos of the spread, check out the magazine's website.