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Marc Jacobs' New Men's Scent, "Bang"



    Marc Jacobs' New Men's Scent, "Bang"
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    In one of his more flamboyant moves, Marc Jacobs is launching his new men's scent , Marc Jacobs Bang, by posing naked on a bed of Mylar.

    The move signals the first time that the designer, who also told WWD he had men's and women's underwear in the works, will star in his own ad for the label that bears his name. The well-toned designer was shot by Juergen Teller completely nude save a giant bottle of Bang strategically placed in front of him on a bed of silver Mylar.

    Jacobs said the naked thing was actually company president Robert Duffy's idea (which sounds about right) because no clothes seemed to work. Frankly, the whole affair seems a bit over-the-top, and has already drawn fire from some of the designer's most avid supports: The fall collections for all of Marc Jacobs' various lines -- including Louis Vuittion -- were just stunning; this seems out of sync.