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Another Female Teacher Accused of Sex Act at Salacious High School

Janitor caught two female James Madison teachers naked in classroom two months before



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    Teachers have been accused of doing more than instructing at James Madison High School in Brooklyn.

    Two months after a janitor caught two female teachers naked in a classroom while their students were at a talent show, more evidence of improper sexual activity emerged at Brooklyn's James Madison High School. But this time a student's involved. 

    Cops arrested gym teacher Lisa Guttila last week for allegedly fondling a teenage girl, police sources told the Daily News. Guttila, 37, teaches at Madison but is a part-time volleyball coach for the private Poly Prep Country Day School.

    The 14-year-old girl Guttila's accused of victimizing apparently caught her mother's attention when she came home with a hickey on her neck after school, reports the News.

    The teenager admitted to her mother that she and Gutilla had fooled around during a five-day period in early January. The teacher did "touch, grab, squeeze and kiss the [girl] about the breast and buttock," according to a complaint filed in Brooklyn Criminal Court.

    A spokeswoman for the Department of Education says Gutilla, who faces sexual abuse and child endangerment charges, has been reassigned to a rubber room pending the outcome of the investigation. She's got company.

    French teacher Cindy Mauro, 33, and married Spanish teacher Alini Brito, 29, were booted from the Midwood high school and sent to rubber rooms after being caught in their "undressed" extracurricular activity by a janitor who ratted them out on Nov. 20.