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Purse Purge: William Okpo Designer Hates Loose Change, Keeps Composition Notebooks




    Buzz has continued to build around Darlene and Lizzy Okpo's hip New York label, William Okpo, ever since we first came across the collection last year. 

    Now, with a successful collaboration with Brook&Lyn under their belts and a major fashion week presentation in the works (including a shout-out from Gen Art), we knew it was the perfect time to peep one of their stylishly-stuffed satchels. Here, Darlene spills the five essentials she never leaves the house without (including a smattering of pen options and a back-up iPod--just in case).

    1. Planner: "I love planners. This is one of my favorite planners as of yet. My sister Lizzy and I are currently running around the garment district getting ready for our Fall runway show next week, and it's important that know where I'm supposed to be, and when."

    2. iPod Options: "I have two iPods that I rotate listening to on a daily basis. People ask me why I have two; If the other one loses battery, I always have something to listen to."
    3. Plenty of Pens: "I am a pen collector. I carry at least four pens with me -- I'm always writing something down!"
    4. Perfect Pouch: "The pouch is a recent collection we did with Mimi Jung from Brook&Lyn. I love it, it carries almost anything, even my Galaxy tab."
    5. Coin Keeper: "My coin purse is awesome. I hate having loose change in my bag!"