Cameras Capture Woman Snatching Yorkie From Queens Home

Surveillance cameras captured a woman snatching a Yorkie from the stoop of a Queens home last week, and the owners are desperately searching for the beloved pet named Linda. 

Melba and Wilifredo Filiberty, who are in town from Florida to visit their daughter in Corona, said Linda was hiding behind the couch in their daughter's house one day last week when someone opened the door and she got out. Within minutes the family noticed the dog was missing. 

The cameras captured what happened next: Linda got trapped outside after the door closed behind her, and just a few minutes later, a woman got out of a parked car and walked up to the stoop. She opened the fence and grabbed Linda, then got back into the car and drove away, never bothering to check who the dog belonged to. 

"I'm mad, I'm sad," said Melba. 

"We're losing our baby. To us, it's a child, it's the one who keeps us company, it's the one who travels with us everywhere we go," Wilifredo said of Linda, who's disable with a spinal injury. 

The police are now helping with the search, and the couple have posted flyers around the neighborhoods as well as photos on Facebook with the hashtag #SaveLinda.

Melba and Wilfredo were supposed to fly back to Florida Tuesday but are now staying in Queens with the hope they find Linda.

"It's sad. I don't want to go home without Linda," said Melba. 

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