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‘Atrocious' White Supremacist Stickers Found Around New Rochelle Neighborhood

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Residents in a close-knit neighborhood in Westchester County are alarmed by the number of white supremacist and hateful stickers that have been placed on their Black Lives Matter signs and on random road signs.

One of the hateful stickers causing neighbors in New Rochelle to be concerned for their safety states, "White children are already a minority. Take back our future." Some of the black and yellow BLM signs on front lawns of the diverse Rochelle Heights neighborhood have also been disappearing, according to the residents.

"I put it up one night and it was gone the next morning," said Charles Robson.

Then the neighbors started seeing more and more stickers, approximately a total of 40-50, with white supremacy messages and a web address to a hate group. The "atrocious" messages were found all around the tennis court, street signs, lamp posts and mailboxes, said another resident, Jodi Lucena-Pichardo, who stood with nearly 30 other concerned neighbors.

Jackie Mills says she has stopped going for her morning walks and Kamili Bell-Hill is worried about her daughter's safety after so many of the stickers were found on traffic signs just steps from her house.

"Of all the places, I really felt assaulted because I've been here 29 years," Mills said.

The city of New Rochelle is helping remove the stickers and police say they're investigation but the neighbors say they want more to be done.

In a statement, New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson said, "These hateful stickers are an affront to all people in New Rochelle, a community that celebrates diversity and utterly rejects bigotry and white supremacy.”

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