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The Most Compelling Videos of the Week: Aug. 20

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From a robot priest in the East Village to a 100-year-old veteran's reunion with a B-29 aircraft he rode in World War II, here are the most riveting videos from the tri-state and beyond for the week of Aug. 20.

New Yorkers Turn Their Eyes to the Sky for Total Solar Eclipse

The streets of New York slowed to a crawl as people stopped to watch the solar eclipse. Dave Price has more.

Man Holding 'Respect Jesus' Sign Grooves to Britney Spears at Grand Central

A joyful campaigner for Jesus was spotted in Grand Central terminal Tuesday morning grooving to Britney Spears’ pop-classic ‘Toxic’ while sharing his message.

Meet 'Pepper' the Robot Priest

Woman Steals Liquor Bottles, Stuffs Them in Unusual Places

A woman was captured on surveillance video walking into a liquor store in Louisiana on Friday, August 18, and stealing several bottles of booze. At first she puts the bottles in her purse — but then she started finding more inventive places to hide the bottles. Police are offering $300 for information in the case. Video from Shreveport Police Department. 

Queens Chef Helping 1 Year After Earthquake in Italy

One year after a devastating earthquake killed hundreds in the Italian town of Amatrice, a Queens man is feeling the pull to do more. Marc Santia reports.

Congressman Offers to Move Controversial Columbus Monument to Staten Island

The fate of a statue of Christopher Columbus at Columbus Circle is being debated by politicians, with some saying it honors a man who mistreated Native Americans and others saying removing the monument goes too far. Congressman Dan Donovan says the bronze sculpture would be welcomed in his home borough of Staten Island. Melissa Russo reports.

Ring Lost at Cape Cod in 1970 Is Returned to NY Couple

A Long Island couple has been waiting 47 years to get this call — they just learned a precious item lost on their honeymoon has washed up on Cape Cod. Greg Cergol reports.

100-Year-Old WWII Veteran Reunites With B-29

See Hurricane Harvey Build Off Texas From Space

The woman whose body was found bound in a red suitcase on a street in an upscale Connecticut suburb Tuesday morning has been identified as a missing 24-year-old New York woman, police said.
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