Swimmers Race Across Midtown Fountain

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Five swimmers in Speedos and swim caps raced across the fountain on 50th Street and 6th Avenue in midtown last Friday for the first event of the Midtown Games, a flash-DIY Olympics of sorts. Onlookers cheered and sang "Eye of the Tiger" as the swimmers completed a quick 50 meter race in the afternoon heat. The next event should be a mass detoxification bleach-down. Video of the race is below. [Kottke]

The NYC department store Henri Bendel is making a real-life social networking manager sit in its storefront window tweeting and facebooking as curious onlookers walk by. This, ladies and gentlemen, is Web 5.0. Welcome to the future. [Geek Sugar]

Ralph Lauren visited the Williamsburg cocktail joint Hotel Delmano briefly on Wednesday night to presumably snoop around for an upcoming event location. Witnesses said he took off with two Escalades after briefly checking out the establishment. [The Cut]

NYU tore down a historic wall dating to 1916 at the Provincetown Playhouse without alerting the public, despite a prior agreement that it wouldn't tear down the building during the construction of the new law school structure. [Lost City]

Kids in Harlem aren't using open fire hydrants just for themselves, they're cleaning city MTA buses too! [Animal New York]

Quicksilver is opening a pop-up skate bowl at 201 Mulberry Street in Manhattan this Saturday for skaters to come by and enjoy themselves through the 31st. [The World's Best Ever]

And now that we're finally slugging it through 90-degree days, here's your ultimate summer guide to the frozen yogurt establishments around this fine city. [Eater]

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