Easter at Rockefeller Center

The spring display in the middle of Rockefeller center displays a beautiful picturesque scene. The main attraction, a large bunny, is surrounded by flowers, waterfalls, fixtures, and brightly colored Easter eggs.

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Dakota DeFelice
There he is! The main attraction, located in the center of the spring display, is this big bunny. The bunny balances a huge decorated egg on his nose and is clearly overjoyed to do so.
Dakota DeFelice
Flowers line the length of the display. Made up of beautiful pinks and purples, these flowers smell just as pretty as they look.
Dakota DeFelice
Large eggs pop up around the display. This bright purple egg with gold embellishment looks quite regal.
Dakota DeFelice
Building the display! Workers putting white flowers into the display. The more flowers, the merrier.
Dakota DeFelice
Flowers and fixtures, the corridor of Rockefeller center is overflowing with life.
Dakota DeFelice
Another egg in the display, yellow and bright, brings much happiness to the display.
Dakota DeFelice
Miniature waterfalls, with expressive iron figures are placed on either side of the bunny. These little water falls provide a lulling sound as the water flows into the small pools of water.
Dakota DeFelice
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