Save a Life, Help the Pets

Northeast's largest pet shelter needs your help

Animal Care and Control of New York City is the largest shelter of its kind in the Northeast. Not only does it take in strays or pets that people can no longer take care of, it also takes in animals that are seized during a police arrest.

The East Harlem shelter prides itself on its low euthanasia rate. Over the last 8 fiscal years, euthanasia was reduced 54.6%. But the economic crisis threatens to jeopardize their efforts.

First more animals are being abandoned by owners who cannot afford to take care of them and then there’s the city’s budget cuts. While shelter director Richard Gentles doesn’t know how much the cuts will affect the city’s budget, he wants to be prepared.

Gentles is encouraging donations in the form of money, toys, pet food, and blankets. He is also asking for people to volunteer their time at the shelter by walking dogs and of course he is urging people to adopt pets.

For more information visit Animal Care and Control of New York City.

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