Max Is NYC's Top Dog

Max is the top name for pups across the five boroughs, while Lucy and Lola hold the top two names for canines in Manhattan, according to newly released dog licensing data.

Princess is a popular moniker in the Bronx and some parts of Brooklyn, but Rocky and Coco dominate pups' name tags in Maspeth while plenty of Bellas say "Ciao" in Carroll Gardens, according to, which broke down data on more than 100,000 dogs registered with the health department by name, breed and zipcode.
There are plenty of less common names on the list: Seven pups in the city are named Carmelo, while 44 are named Chanel, 40 are called Jeter and 39 respond to calls of "Here, Dolce!" Fourteen dog owners in the city call their pups Kitty, while more than 100 named their pets Zeus and 12 opted for Goliath.
New York welcomes diversity of all species, which may be why mixed-breed dogs are the most popular across the five boroughs. But it's also clearly a small-dog island: Yorkshire terriers, Shih Tzus, Chihuahas and Malteses round out the top five.
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Dog owners are required by law to license their animals with the health department, though the city estimates that only one in five dogs are actually licensed. 
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