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A New York Restaurant Is Turning Bubble Tea Into Ice Cream

What to Know

  • Bar Pa Tea has black tea and oolong tea soft serve ice cream, where you can add bubbles or other toppings.
  • The bubbles come in two sizes, mini and big bubbles, which are made fresh every two hours.
  • You can get other specialty bubble tea drinks at this location as well as the bubble tea ice cream.

Bubble tea is taking on a new form at Bar Pa Tea in New York City. This shop offers soft serve bubble tea ice cream in two flavors, black and oolong tea.

Owner Patrick Yeh came up with the idea when trying to think of different ways to make tea.

"Who doesn't love ice cream? I wanted to do something unique that would stand out because I love tea. Why not combine tea and ice cream," Yeh said.

Yeh makes it a priority that his food is always fresh and healthy. The bubbles, which come in mini and big sizes, are cooked every two hours.

"We have a countdown timer that tells people that we change the bubbles every two hours. We can ensure that every time a customer comes here they can taste the bubbles freshly," he said.

Yeh says that people think bubble tea has too much sugar but he wants to change that. Bar Pa Tea has a customizable menu where certain drinks can have their sweetness levels changed.

"I want to bring something more healthy. When I cook I can choose the ingredients. I can make sure the ingredient that I'm putting in the drink is good," he said.

Yeh says he has other flavors in mind so keep a look out for more bubble tea ice cream coming soon.

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