Nanny Aims to Review Every Manhattan Playground

A nanny of two kids is aiming to visit all 207 playgrounds in Manhattan and review them for parents and fellow nannies on her blog, NYC Park Hopper.

Sarah Swymer, 25, began the effort in July, and has hit 100 playgrounds so far. With her two young charges, 4-year-old Annie and 7-year-old Lexi, she launched the initiative for a fun summer project before the girls start school, she wrote on her blog.

"As a frequent playground visitor, I can't tell you how many times I have wished someone would've told me there's a sneaky bathroom around the corner or the sandbox is really a filthbox," Swymer wrote. "My plan is to tell you which parks are which, and which ones aren't worth your plastic shovels."

Swymer posts highlights, like "kid-sized fountain" and "bench swings," along with lowlights, such as "lots of flies" and "hard rubber tiles are curling and easy to trip over."

She lists each park's features, including the play equipment, and has a section for "what parents/nannies should know."

There is often a note about how much shade the park has.

Then she and the kids each give an overall rating, and she posts a quote from each child.

Example: "I like these swings because I move side to side," says Annie in one review.

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