18-Year-Old Stabbed Twice in NYC School: NYPD

An 18-year-old student was stabbed twice by another student at a New York City high school Monday morning, authorities said.

The student was inside a bathroom at Marie Curie School for Medicine, Nursing and Health Professions when 18-year-old Tiana Lopez allegedly attacked, according to the NYPD. 

Lopez allegedly punched her fellow student several times in the body before stabbing her in the leg and arm. 

The victim got three stitches on her left forearm and two on her left leg after the attack, according to a criminal complaint.

The weapon was recovered at the scene, and Lopez was arrested after the attack.

It's not clear what spurred the stabbing or if the victim was the intended target of the violence.

Lopez was charged with felony assault.

City Education Department officials say that the NYPD was notified after the attack and proper protocol was followed in the aftermath.

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