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WATCH: Good Samaritan Takedown Ends Rifle-Toting NYC Rampage

Two loaded firearms were recovered by police after a brief foot pursuit through Chelsea

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A bizarre foot chase miraculously ended without injury after a man brandishing two loaded firearms sent people panicking down New York City streets and had cops in hot pursuit.

Federal authorities said the tense altercation unfolded after Jason Fleming, 39, walked into a crowded Chelsea bodega Thursday afternoon. He stood in the doorway waving around a revolver, terrifying a girl who was eventually able to get around him and sprint off down the sidewalk, according to police and security footage.

The man's actions prompted a witness to call 911, but when Fleming saw the officers approach he took off running.

Investigators said Fleming pulled out a semiautomatic rifle that had been hidden under his coat, carrying the loaded weapon as he ran down the sidewalk in broad daylight.

As he fled from the cops, officials said the man chucked the rifle over the fence and near diners at an outdoor dining shed. The firearm was later recovered by police.

Fleming kept running, still armed with the second weapon, but didn't get very far. Officials said a good Samaritan walking down the sidewalk saw the suspect and blocked his path.

Police arrest gun-toting man in Chelsea.
Police arrest gun-toting man in Chelsea.

Video shows the man shove Fleming into a shrub and fence lining the sidewalk, before grabbing onto his jacket and holding the gun-toting man for a few moments until police caught up to the pair.

Fleming was arrested and faces firearm possession charges that carry a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison. Attorney information for the man was not immediately known.

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