New York City

Flames Spew from Grate Near New York City Hall

An electrical fire near New York City Hall sent flames spewing from a sidewalk vent and smoke wafting over lower Manhattan Tuesday afternoon. 

Images and videos posted to Twitter and Instagram show bright orange flames emitting from one vent near a subway entrance at Murray Street and Broadway. Police also appear to have blocked off the sidewalk on the east side of Broadway and at least one entrance to the City Hall R/W station.

Eric Phillips, a press secretary for Mayor de Blasio, tweeted that no one appeared to be injured in the blaze. But he added that there were police and firefighters on scene, and the video he posted with the tweet showed flames and loud pops coming from the direction of the fire. 

The R and W trains briefly bypassed the City Hall station after the fire broke out, but service resumed with residual delays at about 5:15 p.m. 

It's not clear what sparked the blaze amid the dreary weather.

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